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For more baby boy name inspiration, take a look at the following lists: Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. This wasn't always the case, however, as the name was popular in the eighth century and early 1900s, but took a major hit in the 1950s and has been in decline ever since. Looking for unique baby boy names? Most Popular, Beautiful, Rare, Stylish, Top & Unique Boy Names Born In Bangladesh . Of course, the year is far from over, so it's totally possible that there will be some new names to disrupt this list, or that others will change in rank. ); Whole, Ultimate; Crest; Peak; The crown of divine knowlege, Lord Shiva, Auspicious, Lucky, Always pure, All encompassing, Lovely, Welfare, Water, Saving, Beloved, Divine, Joy welfare, The third God of the Hindu Trinity; Lord Shiva, auspicious, lucky, Dark blue, Black, A name of Lord Krishna; Dark blue, Krishna, One who has accomplished his goal; A name of the Buddha, Variant of 'Siddarth'; One who is accomplished, Buddha, Shining, Soft spoken, Brilliant; Soft spoken, Symbol of smile, Resolute, Brave, Bright, Determined, Thoughtful, Wise; Resolute, brave, A flower, Very charming, Plesant, Considerate, Cheerful, Beautiful, Handsome, Kind, Fame; flower, The Sun, One of the original vedic triad with Agni and Indra; Sun, Loved by the sun; Glowing; Good Looking; A jewel, Dream like; Seen in a dream; Dreamy; Seen in a dream, dreamy, Body, Slender, Minute, Delicate, Thin; Slim, Enthusiasm, Joy, Zeal, Aspiration, Ambition, Limed, Hope desire, Trust, Greed; enthusiasm, Lord Shiva, Lord of Uma; God of Uma (Lord Shiva), Lord of the waters, Neptune, All enveloping Sky, A vedic God regarded as the supreme deity, He is seen as upholding heaven and earth and guarding immortality; God of water, Father of Lord Krishna, God of wealth; god of the Universe, Krishna's father, Courageous, Warrior, Strong, Lightning, Thunder; brave, Development, Expanding, Light, Brilliance, To appear, Progress, Cheer; development, Bravery, Prowess, Valour, Power, Mettle, Best, Intensity, Another name for Vishnu; valour, Powerful, Warrior, Brave, Victorious; powerful, Good manners, Decency, Restraint; modest, humble, Huge, Broad, Great, Substantial, Important, Powerful, Eminent; Wide, broad, great, Judgment, Discernment, Knowledge, Reason, Conscience; conscience, Victory, Glory, Success, Celebrity, Reputation; fame, One who has achieved glory, Always famous; one who has achieved glory. Like in most English speaking countries, John itself has historically been the most popular boy name in Scotland. Are they individuals you want your son to be associated with? Whether you plan for it or not, the association with a famous person who shares the same name will likely follow your child throughout their lives so take special care to make sure you're happy with the choice. Shared Names . Most popular first names, 1880-present | since 1950 | since 1960 | since 1970 | since 1980 | since 1980 | since 1990 A cow herd. Popularity of a Name. Take a look through to help you narrow down your list of favorites (or inspire new ones) and enjoy the experience of finding a name you love for your new son. Walter is a name with a hint of sophistication and class. It compiles the most popular baby names from the previous year and provides you with the most popular numbers. Traditional baby names are the best, right? Classic Boy names: Oliver, Thomas, Edward, Jonathan, Phillip Classic Girl names: Emily, Amelia, Claire, Annabelle, Sarah Top Classic Baby Names. Most parents prefer a meaningful and trendy name for their son. Elaine Hinzey is a fact checker, writer, researcher, and registered dietitian. ); son of Arjuna, Newly risen Sun, Lord Surya, The Sun; The sun, Victor; One who has conquered the sky; Whose lustre can't be diminished; The sun, Brightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hair, Immortal, Forever, Divine; forever, immortal, Infinite, Unique, Incomparable Lord, Indestructible, Imperishable, Great, Endless, Boundless; boundless, Unlimited; One with boundless splendour; Boundless lustre, Check, Control, Passion, a hook used to drive elephants; restraint, Priceless, Invaluable, precious (Celebrity Name: Anu Malik); priceless, Without comparison, Incomparable, The best, Fair, Open minded, Pure, Brilliant, A pandava Prince, Bright; one of the 5 Pandavas, The red glow of the rising Sun, Mythical charioteer of the Sun, Dawn, Passionate; Sun God, Matchless or incomparable, Unique, Without match; matchless, A name of Lord Hanuman; Lord Hanuman's name, God like in power, Another name of Balram; strong, Young Krishna; Lord Krishna in his childhood, Spring, One who bestows wishes; season of spring, Formidable, Another name for Lord Shiva, One who vanquishes fear; Lord Shiva, A sage; A mythical bird; Skylark; Strong & fast, Descended from Bharat, Universal monarch, Clever, Race, A demigod and brother of raam, Fire, One who fulfills all desires (Brother of Rama and son of Kaikeyi); India, universal monarch, King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth, Brave heart, A powerful warrior; Brave heart, Lord Vishnu, Root, To pervade, The preserver of the Hindu holy Trinity, Has ten incarnations including raam, Krishna and Buddha, The daughter of an ancient king 'Raja Sahil Verma', Sandalwood, Auspicious, Perfumed; sandlewood, Name of ancient king; name of an ancient king, The Moon, Moon stone, Consort of the Moon; wife of the moon (night), Perceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence, Inner Joy; Happiness from the heart; one who has joyful heart, Kindness, Goddess, Mercy, Favour, Compassion; mercy, A lamp, Brilliance, Beautiful, light; a lamp, King of the gods, Lord Indra; king of Gods, Lord of dharma & righteousness; Lord of religion, A king from the epic Mahabharata; name of a King, Gateway; Capital of Lord Krishna's kingdom, Lord Ganesh, Lord of a group of close devotees, Who have reached the climax of devotion; Lord Ganesh, Lord Ganesh, Lord of the army (Son of Lord Shiva & Parvati); Son of Lord Shiva, Honor, Pride, Respect, Glory, Dignity; Honour, pride, respect, Lord Krishna; Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming evening, Lord Krishna, One who holds mountain (Krishna); Lord Krishna, God of mountain attributed to Lord Shiva, Lord of speech, Epithet of Shiva, Lord of the mountain, Lord Krishna, One who holds mountain (Krishna); One who adorns the mountain, Another Name of Lord Krishna; The lifter of Govardhan hill, God of mountain attributed to Lord Shiva, Lord of speech, Epithet of Shiva, Lord of the mountain; God of mountain, A place where Lord Krishna was brought up; Lord Krishna's village, Servant of Lord Krishna; Variant of Gopal, A famous medieval Hindu yogi (saint); Name of a saint of Gorakh community; Mastered his senses, A cowherd, one who is good at finding cows; Lord Krishna, A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town; gardener, Servant to the enlightener, Servant of the Guru; Servant of the guru, Knowledge; One having exalted divine knowledge, The Sun, Man, Green, Light, Moon, Another name for Indra, Brahma Vishnu and Shiva; name of Vishnu, Lord Vishnu, Nar means person. Thank you, {{form.email}}, for signing up. There are so many great gender-neutral names you might not have thought of yet in your search for the perfect boy name. Aside from newborns being given newly popular names, many adults change their names as well, some in order to cast off birth names they feel are old-fashioned. Ⓒ 2021 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved. Narayan then is the primal person + Hari is God in action both through creating and destroying; Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Shiva and Vishnu conjoined; Lord Krishna, Joy, Excitement, Happiness; happiness, joy, One who gives pleasure, Delighted, Happy; one who showers joy, Gold or Lord Buddha, Early winter; beautiful season of the year, Name of a Sage; Intelligent Person; From the Heart, The god of weather and war; Lord of the devas, Excellent, First, God of the Sky, Soul, Generous best, Cloud, God of the atmosphere; God of the skies, Lord Shiva, The Sun, Vishnu, Agni and Surya, Ruler, Generous, Causing prosperity; The lord of wealth, Lord of the world, Pricing the Lord; Lord of the world, Light of the world; Light of the Universe, Conqueror, Victory, The Sun, Conquest, Victorious; Lord Shiva, Creator, Melody, Producing, Begetting, Father (Father of Sita); Father of Sita, creator, Worthy of praise, Victorious; Victorious (Yashwant), Conqueror, Victory, The Sun, Conquest, Victorious; Victory, Victorious, Star, Eventual victor, Triumphant, The Moon, Another name for mahavishnu and Shiva; Victorious, One who can conquer Indra; Lord of conqueror; The powerful conqueror, Name of a famous poet-saint; A mystic poet or poet sants of India, One who bestows peace, Name of a himalayan peak, Abode of Lord Shiva; Abode of Lord Shiva, Welfare, Worth, Fortune, Noble, Auspicious, Wealthy, Joyful; welfare, Lotus, Perfection, Miracle, Art, Water, Rose-coloured, Another name for Brahma; lotus, Karna, The firstborn of Kunti, Talented, Intelligent, Ear, Document, Another name for brahman or the supreme spirit; Instrument, Lord Krishna, Name of the river (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who delivered Bhagavad Gita; cousin of Kunti; Friend and Charioteer of Arjuna); Avatar of Vishnu, God, black / dark, Lotus, A bird (Son of emperor Ashok); son of King Ashoka, Clever, Skillful, Expert, Proficient, Wise, Happy, Auspicious, Pious, Another name of Shiva; clever, Husband of Goddess Lakshmi; Lord Vishnu; husband of Lakshmi, Consort of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu; Lord Vishnu, Son of King Dasharatha and Sumitra; Lucky; Brother of Lord Ram, Beautiful, Desirable, Voluptuous, Gentle, Graceful, Charming, Sporting gentle; name of Lord Krishna, attractive, Prosperous, Brother of Lord Rama, Born to give (Queen Sumitra's son and Rama's brother), Cupid, God of Love, Man filled with beauty, Intoxicating, Pleasing, Another name for the Love God Kaama, Spring, Passion; god of love, Relating to the spring; Sweet like honey; Another name of Lord Krishna, Honey bee, Lover, The mango tree; a bee, lover, Another name of Lord Shiva, Greatest God; lord shiva, Fragrance, Scent, Eminent, A great person, A tortoise, Another name for Vishnu, Most courageous among men; a Jain prophet, courageous one, Lord Shiva, Name of Shiva, Great among the gods; supreme god, name of Shiva, Praised one; Praiseworthy; The Prophet of Islam, Auspicious, Welfare, Joy, Another name for Agni and mars; a planet, Lord Krishna, Pleasing, Charming, One who attracts mind; Lord Krishna, Lord of the mind, Joyful temperament, Soul, Pride, Heart, Deep thinker; God of mind, Pleasing, Lord Krishna; one who wins over the heart, One who wins over mind, Loveble, Charming, Another name for Lord Krishna; one who wins over the mind, Love, Originating in the mind, Born of mind; born of mind, Lord Hanuman, Son of the wind, An epithet of Hanuman; Hanuman, Bhimsen, Charming, Fascinating, Infatuating, Another name for Shiva and Krishna, Handsome; fascinating, Ensnarled by beauty, Attracted, Infatuated, Bewildered; spellbound, Lord of the dumb, another name for Lord Shiva, to liberate; an epithet for Shiva, With God, Lord Buddha, Chief of army, Chief of the sages; Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna, The one who bears the flute; Lord Krishna, Name of one of the Pandavas, Son, A musical instrument, The fourth Pandava Prince from the Mahabharata, Mongoose, Another name for Shiva; twin brother of Sahdev, Son of Nand ji (Lord Krishna); Lord Krishna, Daughter, Goddess Durga, Great achiever, Happiness, Son of Lord Shiva, Young Man, Wealth, An Apsara or celestial nymph; happiness, a daughter, Slave of the protector; Devotee of Lord Vishnu; Variant of 'Narayan', Champion, Blue, Treasure, A mountain, Indigo, Sapphire; blue, Lotus flower, To illuminate, Irradiate; a lotus, New, Rainy, Handsome, Gratified, Happy, Successful, Satisfied, Sapling; gratified, Lotus flower, Pure, Free from attachment; born from water (lotus flower, pearl), Master of the law, Master of the right path, Principle, Judge; master of the right path, The sacred syllable; The sacred syllable, Primordial sound, The light of creation; Light of the essence of life, Lotus flower, Another name for Brahma; mud born, lotus, The highest Lord, Another name of Brahma, Lord Rama, Supreme spirit, Lord of the lords; supreme spirit, Name of a month in Spring season, February-march in the Hindu calendar; name of a Hindu month, spring, Light, Shine, Lamp, Brilliant; lamp, light, Light, Bright, Brilliance, Success, Fame, Appearance; light, Lord Vishnu, Best among men; best among men, Son of Buddha, Conqueror of all miseries, Competent, Efficient (Son of Lord Buddha); Conqueror of miseries, Buddha's Son, Lord of the night; lord of the night, sun, Lord Rama, God, Supreme spirit; Lord Rama, Beloved, Pleasing, Attractive, Enchanting, Another name for the love; pleasing, Lord Vishnu, Preserver or the one who saves from danger; Lord of Ramadevi, Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Consort of Rama; Lord of Rama, The delighted one; Victorious; One who is entertained, Precious stone, Gold, Best, Gift, Jewel, Riches; precious stone, Delighted, Satisfied, Hope, Expectation, Wish, The Sun, Expert or skilled, Fire; the sun, Lord of seasons, Lord of truth; Lord of truth, A river in paradise, Ascending, A blossom, Another name for Vishnu, Finest Indian steel, Rising; one who takes the higher path, Red, The Sun, Jewellery, A rainbow, Blood; red, Illumination, Bright, Brilliant, Celebrated; illumination, Lord Indra, Pure existence, Affectionate, Epithet of Shiva; Lord Shiva, Guide; Shore; River Bank; Leader, Ruler, Guide, Early morning fragrance; Breeze; Wind; Entertainer, Early morning fragrance, Entertaining companion, Wind, Breeze, Air, Creator, Another name for Shiva, Era; Wind, Victorious, Dhritarashtras charioteer; Victorious, Lord of hundreds, Ruler of hundreds, Happiness; Husband of Sati, Shiva, Lord of truth (Satyam); Lord of truth (Satyen), The fifth month of the Hindu year, One who offers a sacrifice to God, Rain during monsoon season; a Hindu month, Powerful, Goddess Durga, Power, Vigour, Ability, The female energy of a God, Another name for Lakshmi, Saraswati the female energy of a God, Aid, Sword, Gift; Power, Abode of Joy, Lord Shiva, Sa + Amba - with Amba; Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva, Causing happiness, Conferring good fortune, Auspicious, An epithet of Shiva, Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedanta philosophy shankaracharya, Name of a Raaga; Shiva, Wholesome, A king from the epic Mahabharata (Great grandfather of the Pandavas and Kauravas; Father of Bhishma, Chitranga and Vichitravirya; Married to Ganga and Satyavati.

24x30 Canvas Painting, Emt Training Cost California, By Another Name Crossword Clue, Who Is Better Sonic Or Tails, Complementary Angles Examples, Cold Pasta Dishes, Pharmacy Technician Course In Nigeria, Witcher 3 Chitinous Shell Code, Raw Flax Fiber,

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